My reflection @SUIT 2018
SUIT 2018 a virgin initiative by GLC introduced everyone to the importance of foreign language for not only students but for any one trying to capitalize the opportunity available today due to globalization. I personally enjoyed moderating the panel discussion to arrive at a conclusion that Industries have great opportunities for learners of foreign language thereby leading to even solving to an extent unemployment problem too.
Can not thank sufficiently GLC for organizing this International Conference providing a platform for Schools, University and Industry to understand the need for synthesis between them.
Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh

For SUIT 2018
It was indeed a privilege to be part of SUIT because the caption itself bringing schools, university and industry together was a novel and creative idea. Being part of it enabled one to see the broader picture of the immense possibilities open to today’s’ generation. I was also touched by the team work and cooperation of everyone from the youngest to the oldest who had been part of GLC that made the whole show surely a fabulous and awesome one. Congratulations and felicitations to Archana Rani and the team

Sister Mary Beena

For SUIT 2018
Dear Nida,at the very outset I would like to thank you for the invitation, the hospitality extended and the excellent organization. Kudos to the whole GLC team for the same.
I found the format of the event particularly impressive. An Initiative that brings schools, universities and the industry together was long overdue and GLC Patna has shown the way. More people need to emulate this.
The list of speakers and the quality of the panel discussions was excellent and I think, everyone went home enriched by what they had heard and contributed on that day.

Ms. Puneet Kaur