1SCHOOLS : Need to develop global competencies and to learn foreign language. Mr. Ashok K Pandey 11:15 AMHotel Maurya
2UNIVERSITY : MFL Pedagogy : a fully self contained and independant branch of scienceUniversity Representative 11:30 AMHotel Maurya
3INDUSTRY : Producing leaders for the Global Business WorldMr. Deepankar Tiwari 11.45 AMHotel Maurya
4Pre Requisites of Offering Foreign LanguageDr. Ulrike Schmidt 12:00 PM Hotel Maurya
5The Effect of MFL on Inter Cultural NuancesMs Vaishali Karmarkar 12:15 PM Hotel Maurya
6WORLD LANGUAGES : The Window to Global OpportunitiesDr. Asha Singh , Ms. Puneet Kaur , Sr Mary Beena , Mr. Nagendra Goyal 12.30 PMHotel Maurya
7Beyond Boundaries : A TALK , Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh , Ms. Richa Sinha , Dr. Ram Singh 02.15 PMHotel Maurya
8German Teacher’s WorkshopDr. Sabine Dinsel 02.15 PMHotel Maurya
9Empowerment of Youth : Role of MFLMr. Ashok K Pandey , Ms Vaishali Karmarkar , Dr. Ulrike Schmidt , Arunabh Singh , Mr. Deepankar Tiwari , Ms. Puneet Kaur 03.00 PMHotel Maurya